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Save The Grand Theatre, Inc.
210 Washington Street
Frankfort KY 40601
Phone: 502 226 4157

Volunteer Coordinator: Carol Combs


Effective January 2006, Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., offers the Grand Theatre, 308 St. Clair Street, Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky 40601, for booking by arts and other community organizations in the local community and state at large. Any organization or party interested in booking the Grand Theatre should write a letter to Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., addressed to 210 Washington Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 (if mailed), faxed to (502) 226-4158, or emailed to requesting a booking.

Information contained in the booking letter request should include the following:
1. Name of organization and its status (profit or non-profit).
2. Type of event, expected attendance, fees charged, and date requested (alternative dates may be advisable.)
3. Specific sound and lighting needs or any other requirements for the event, including any request for access to the facility prior to the actual date of the event.
4. Completed Booking Form.

Save the Grand Theatre, Inc. (“SGT”) will review all applications and notify an applicant within three business days of availability of the facility and total fees due to receive booking confirmation. Fees for booking the facility will range from $250 to $550, or a percentage of gross receipts, if greater, and a $100 security deposit that is refundable. The facility will not generally be booked for private parties or receptions unless tied to an approved event. Fifty percent (50%) of the designated fee, which is non-refundable, will be due within 48 hours of availability confirmation to book the facility. Insurance certificates naming SGT are also required from all organizations.

SGT also invites selected arts or community service organizations to apply to be “partners” with SGT, which, under certain conditions, will allow the organization to book the facility with SGT receiving all net receipts from the event but the booking fee being waived for the organization other than clean up.

SGT owns alcoholic beverage licenses and will exclusively sell beer, wine and alcoholic beverages, along with soft drinks, etc., at appropriate events. Booking organizations may have the ability to provide limited food (no cooking) in the facility, subject to the approval of SGT

To download the booking information and the booking form Click Here. (In Word Format)


Booking Contact: Bill Cull
Phone: 502 226 4157


Save the Grand, Inc. 308 St. Clair Street, Frankfort, 40601